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SharePoint Server 2016 in Microsoft Azure

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To realize the productivity and collaboration benefits of SharePoint, Microsoft recommends SharePoint in Microsoft 365. If SharePoint in Microsoft 365 is not the best option for you right now, you can deploy SharePoint Server 2016 on intranet servers, which can be in your on-premises datacenter or hosted in Microsoft Azure infrastructure services. Whether it's for development, testing, staging, production, or disaster recovery purposes, Azure is a perfect home for your SharePoint farms in the cloud.

Here are some of the benefits:

You can deploy SharePoint on Azure farm rapidly and scale it up or down as needed.

You can create the infrastructure for your SharePoint servers very quickly using multiple tools and methods. Set up development or test farms or scale-out your production SharePoint deployments by adding more resources. Simplify deployment and configuration with ready-to-deploy images and reduce the time to deploy complex SharePoint farms from days to hours.

You can host your SharePoint Server 2016 farm cost-effectively.

Pay-as-you-go pricing for server and storage capacity and per-minute billing from Azure helps you save money. When performing application or performance testing, create additional servers as needed for scale and load testing over short periods of time and remove them when you're finished. Using and paying for only the resources that you need—and no more—helps you reduce costs.

You can seamlessly move virtual machines between on-premises and Azure.

A virtual machine in Azure running Windows or SQL Server is no different than a server running in an on-premises datacenter. You can easily move virtual machines between on-premises physical servers or servers at your hosting provider and Azure to:

Quickly and easily replicate your SharePoint Server 2016 dev-test environments or secondary production sites in Azure.

Move them back on-premises when the need arises.

You can run your Microsoft applications where they run best.