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Tiny Tiger is one of many Chewy-exclusive cat food brands

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Could it be the reasonably priced cat food manufacturer you have been waiting for? Read our unbiased review to get the facts on Tiny Tiger cat food.


The We're About Cats Standard-Rating Tiny Tiger About What Matters

We've analyzed Tiny Tiger and graded it based on the We Are All About Mothers standard, assessing the newest on species-appropriateness, component quality, product range, price, customer care, and recall background. Here's how it speeds in every one of those six key locations.

Chewy is an internet pet product retailer created in 2011 from Ryan Cohen and Michael Day. The website is now owned by PetSmart and, while some Chewy brands overlap with these offered in PetSmart stores, tiny tiger cat food review is only available online.


The brand's lineup highlights moisture-rich recipes which, as stated by the firm, feature animal protein resources as their very first ingredients and are free from corn, wheat, soy, and carrageenan.


Sourcing and Manufacturing


Chewy doesn't name the company that manufactures Tiny Tiger cat foods but does state that it is created in the United States and Canada.


The recipes include ingredients sourced from around the globe. The poultry, beef, and poultry in Tiny Tiger cat food are sourced in the United States and Canada, whereas vitamins and minerals are imported from countries spanning the globe.


Tiny Tiger cat food has never been remembered.


What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Tiny Tiger Offer?


There are a couple of kinds of Tiny Tiger cat food in the lineup--chunks in gravy, balls in extra sauce, and paté. Apart from their lineup of crispy treats, all their foods are all high-moisture products packed into cans. If you're looking for kibble cat food, then you won't discover it from Tiny Tiger.


Even though Tiny Tiger foods are meat-centric, don't contain a great deal of plant matter, and prevent several hot-button ingredients, they're nutritionally like a lot of additional budget-tier canned foods, even with animal by-products, a few vaguely-named inclusions, and additional flavors appearing on their ingredient lists.


How Much Does Tiny Tiger Cat Food Cost?


Tiny Tiger is one of the most economical wet cat food brands on the market.


In case you've got a normal 10-lb cat and feed him roughly 200 calories every day, you are going to spend only a dollar every day on Tiny Tiger cat food. That places it at exactly the identical price bracket as Friskies, Fancy Feast, and other budget-tier canned goods.


If you stick with their paté-style foods, Tiny Tiger presents species-appropriate nourishment at an accessible price. Their foods are not perfect--you'll notice loads of vaguely-named meats and possibly low-value by-products--but they are also a few exceptions before their budget contest.


By bypassing artificial colors and flavors, preventing carrageenan, keeping carbohydrate content nominal in many of the recipes, and highlighting meat over crops, Tiny Tiger has generated a number of their finest budget-friendly cat foods on the market.


If you're searching for an economical alternative that doesn't contain additives that might harm your cat over time, Tiny Tiger is worth a go.


Where To Buy Tiny Tiger Cat Food?


Tiny Tiger cat foods is only available on Chewy and shipped within the contiguous usa.